31 December 2012

New Year!

I could make a giddy post about the passed year like last time, but to be honest, I'm just glad I can finally step into the new one. I'm washing away all the crusted blood of wounded thoughts, medical misfortunes, lurking shadows of the future and ill omens. When the clock strikes midnight I shall lay them all to sleep, under the dust of the past where they so very firmly belong, and happily welcome the first steps of the new year!

I may have had my share of the darker tides this year, but I can honestly say that this year has also been immensely valuable to me. I have never grown so much as a human being, I've felt the peace of something you could call enlightenment and known how deep love can extend its roots. I've made new friends and laughed like hell, so as always, good things exceed the bad ones. And above all I've learned more about how you can turn your tears into gold.

But now I'll raise my glass and I wish you all a better new year of 2013! May your fondest dreams come true. :)

New Year's outfit: dress is 2nd hand from mom + DIY, jewelry by Fashionolgy.nl

And if I must make a proper toast, I'll just borrow one from the Sandman!

“To absent friends, lost loves, 
old gods, and the season of mists; 
and may each and every one of us 
always give the devil his due.”


  1. I hope you'll have a great 2013!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Ihanaa Uutta Vuotta sinulle myös!! Upea kuva! Sun tyyli on niin makee, tuli Frida Kahlo mieleen ensi silmäyksellä, mutta ei sittenkään, kyllä se on ihan sun oma, se tyyli.

  3. Tosi kaunis oot tuossa kuvassa! :) Ihana mekko, tuo hihajuttu näyttää tosi kivalta. :>> Hauskaa alkavaa vuotta siulle, ja kaikkea hyvää tällekkin vuodelle!

  4. Happy new year! I hope 2013 will bring you whatever you desire.

    And you look very beautiful!

  5. Happy New Year!

    You look gorgeous and beautiful as always.

  6. Happy New Year! Lots of sincerity and intensity to ours lifes! <3

  7. Happy New Year, I wish you all the best =)

    p.s. you look stunning!

  8. Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

  9. Thank you all so much for your sweet and wonderful words! I wish you all the happiness and courage for this year. <3

  10. Diva.

    Happy new year for you! <3