1 July 2014

Miles Away

Virtual greetings from Budapest! 

The decayed Pearl of Danube lured me in again, and I couldn't help but come to see my friend and the city. I will linger here for another week but time goes fast, so I just wanted to say a quick hello for now! More pics and stories will follow after my trip, if I don't get a blogging chance sooner.

(PS. Laura said there are never moths in this apartment, but now they've seemed to be gathering here! Me included.)

13 June 2014

Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it

Today is a rare event, both Friday the 13th and full moon. Hope you've all had a good day without any severe misfortunes! Mine has felt exceptionally lucky, something that's also been rare these days. But it feels like the winds are starting to blow in more positive directions, shedding negativity away like snakeskin and letting new things in.

Maxi dress eBay / buckle shoes local flea-market / bracelet antique market in Budapest / necklace  Alchemy gothic Eve Crystal Pendant (a sponsored gift from David at bodyjewelleryshop.com, thank you so much!)

One of my many goals for this summer season is to adapt to the heat rather than complaining about it, because that obviously gets you nowhere. This mindset has actually worked like a charm, I'm happy with the heat as long as I have my SPF50 and can escape direct sunlight to the shadows. Transparent maxi dresses have felt like the best thing to put on when the quicksilver speaks with tropical numbers. (They also neatly cover up all summer scars, derby battle bruises and mosquito bites!) 

I've went with more casual looks like this one lately, adding large jewelry pieces to minimalistic outfits. Do you have any summer style favourites?

22 May 2014

World Goth Day!

Night is closing in already so this comes a little late, but I hope all you darklings out there had a great World Goth Day! Has anyone of you crashed the goth cliche-o-meter today? I had a long study day in this class I'm attending, so I didn't have much time for anything too special. Just wore black lips while listening to 80's echoing classics in the evening light. Left the red wine sipping and reading Poe in candlelit rooms with fits of terrible existential agony for some other evening. ;)

And oh, I also made his card today! I've wanted to make a bat pop-up for a while and I think this prototype came out alright, at least the creature looks happy and cute. Hope you like it!

14 May 2014

The Empire of Death

I have sprinkled my coins on some books again. This decorative volume by Paul Koudounaris is on my bedside book stack right now and I thought you might enjoy a glimpse! I have a strong fascination towards the history of burial rites and charnel houses (working at the graveyard for many summers didn't really erase that macabre trait), and this book offers tons more information on the subject. It even has a vast list and maps of the sites around the globe, I had no idea Europe has so many!

The only ossuary I've seen with my own eyes is Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Horà (you can find a post about it in here). Twice I've been to Paris and twice I've failed to visit the famous catacombs (although I did get a good look on Père Lachaise), maybe third time's the charm?

4 May 2014

A few April pieces

April flew by with minimal blogging, so I thought I'd share a couple of joys from the past month. I had the best of luck with flea markets in April! You know the feeling when you go second hand hunting with a specific thing in mind, and you find just that? That happened so many times I can't believe it. Here's a pick on some goodies that I found only last week, including a vintage lace collar that camouflages me with innocence, two books that I've been meaning to read, frames for my wall projects, another bell jar and a nice stack of other treasures. I wonder what May will bring my way!

I spent countless hours in the woods in April, remembered how lost I feel when nature is not constantly near. I only wish I could live in the middle of a city and the woods at the same time.

Hanged out with Nana, a darling black whippet. (She reminded me so much of Nipsu, the Moomin character as all Finns may know!) 

The big thing about this encounter is that I wasn't allergic at all to her, no matter how much I rubbed my face against her silky black fur. This gives some light hope of having a dog at some point in my life! I'm seriously having the worst case of dog fever, must be driving everyone around me nuts with my daydreaming after huskies and other precious canines. I could die from joy each time I get to pet and hug puppies on my walks.

Had many date nights with the dear one, this one was Cthulhu Mythos themed. Vegan Elder Sign cupcakes, cold brews, 20's jazz and horror soundscapes on the background and the only board game that I can actually enjoy and focus on; Arkham Horror. Nothing says romance like fighting against the elder gods and cultists while desperately trying to prevent the apocalypse, right? The great thing about the game is team work, you don't fight against other players and if you try to go solo you will likely just lose your mind or trigger the end of the world. A true treat for any Lovecraft lover!

And best of all, I FINALLY earned myself a new laptop. This is a huge thing for me and very good news for the blog too! Working on a deeply broken down machine was simply too tiring, so most days I never even opened the wreck. But this beauty works like a charm (plus the red glow is wonderfully diabolical). It's been years since I've had a new computer so I'm ridiculously happy about this! I couldn't even remember how it felt to be able to access files quickly and edit photos without your Photoshop crashing every 30 seconds.

The only flaw is that the HD screen makes all photos look like crap and I can't fix that, haha. All my photos are in a fixed size so they should appear normally here, but Blogger expands and chops them oddly. At least on my screen, I hope you're not seeing what I'm seeing!