11 November 2014

Hairesis maxima est opera maleficarum non credere

Post Halloween Greetings from Salem! Or any other place where the sickly puritanian hysteria took root, cutting away the lives of innocents.

First I was going with a more complex costume, but then I found this vintage piece hanging in my closet and went with it. (The noose however wasn't hanging in my closet, I'm not that desperate.) It's not historically accurate nor does it deviate much from my usual look, but I liked it anyway. I'm itching to try the same costume idea again, but as a "burned at the stake" edition. Anyway, I had a great night and my guests were sublime as ever! I forgot to take any pictures with all the fun I was having, but we had a visit for example from the Queen of Hearts, Wicked Witch of the West and even a Soul. 

I wish the Halloween season could have gone on for longer, but I'm sure the horror dose will fuel me for some time. Did you have a nice Samhain? Any parties or costumes you'd like to share? :)

31 October 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Happy Halloween night to all ghouls and witches who roam the night tonight!

I know I've been absent, but let's just say that some wicked things have been eager to come my way and life always comes first. I've had inspiration but not the time, and would rather not feel guilty about it now. It is, after all, the best time of the year! 

Here's an outfit from a warmer, early October day when I thought it would be a foolish idea to wear those heels for a daywalk, and did it anyway. (Looking back, it seems that I also might have watched too many AHS Coven episodes in a row.) In case someone is curious; the hat is vintage from Budapest, bag is also vintage, shoes are a gift from a friend, dress is H&M+DIY, and the cardigan is an ancient piece from my teen years.


I'm holding a small Halloween party tomorrow, and there's still so much to do! Midnight is closing in and I had to make coffee to stay awake, I'll likely be burning the midnight oil for many hours to come. My costume isn't nearly finished and neither is the tidiness of our nest, but dust and cobwebs go beautifully with Halloween, right? Now I really must continue with the chores, maybe later tonight I'll watch Hocus Pocus while sewing, to get in the right mood. I hope the result will be even remotely what I planned, we'll see!

7 October 2014

Twenty-five Candles

My birthday blew over the weekend days, adding another number to my age. No age crisis alert here, but I already found a single ghostly white hair from my locks! Now I'm just waiting for the wrinkles and dementia to set it, but I think I already might have an ounce of the latter.

I have a little bit strange relationship with my birthdays, often spending them in isolation, but this time I had a couple of friends over and had the greatest time. Watching one of my favourite movies and having drinks and laughs and 2.am. tarot readings, couldn't have asked for more. My beau also spoiled me with roses, tattoo gift and music, it's been too long from the last ink appointment so I'm anxiously craving for more.

24 September 2014

Virgin Snow

Yesterday there was a plan of going for a walk and taking some outfit pics in the early autumn glow, but this happened instead. 
Oh, Finland. I was preparing myself for some Jack-O-Lantern season goodness, not Jack Frost!

Afterwards my boots were soaked with freezing slush and then the city's electrical grid crashed, typical Tuesday madness. It's amazing (and a little funny, I must admit) how lost people look when the modern commodities crash for even an hour or so. We're so surrounded by gadgets, as if the world around us didn't exist without the deities of smart phones and TV and the rest of their addictive pantheon. The joke is equally on me too, my daily film fix is close to being what insulin is to a diabetic and that's pretty alarming.

Otherwise the week has been extra busy, I've been happily working on a few clothing print designs. Which has sneakily led me to sketching just for myself too, drawing feels so good again after a pause. The last time I painted was for a group show in June, so my nerves are itching for a new project! Maybe I'll get something started this week, I can almost hear those empty canvases rustling in the attic, waiting to be tainted like virgin snow.

15 September 2014

The Black Pearl of Danube

As you know, I spent a couple of weeks at my friend's flat in the summertime, and although last November's familiar gloom had changed into scorching heat, Budapest felt the same to me. The same air of dripping decay and sense of sleepwalking was still there (I think I mentioned it earlier), and it caught me after a few days. Not sure if I've still fully managed to shake it off.

My impression of Budapest can be seen in a few details. Black cats lurking in the streets, the bygone glory and slow ruin, red wine and velvet pillows, white lace curtains, chipping paint and Bela's piercing glare. Rows of beautiful houses stretching as far as the eye can see, and all those bulletholes in their faces, reminding how history is always near. And you can never know what the streets bring into your sight. Whether it's those unnaturally large spiders dangling in the bridges between Buda and Pest, or even a coffin on the sidewalk!

But I don't think most people perceive the city so grimly, I just seem to look at everything through very dark glasses. Heart-shaped, but dark.

I ran on the street in heavy rain with my nightgown on and listened to a live jam session at a former Soviet slaughterhouse. Had a lovely picnic at the Buda Castle courtyard at 1.am., when there's no other soul to be found, except for the bats circling in the air above. I showered in candle light when the light-switch stopped working and climbed the infinite stairs of St.Istvan's church to get that spiraling photograph. I looted the various second hand shops and markets, filling the suitcase up with old medical bottles, frames and vintage robes. We even went on this incredibly cool caving expedition under Budapest (would have scared any claustrophobe to death!), and I kind of earned the title of tempestarii, because each day I mentioned thunder it seemed to suddenly form and flash the sky blind.

And most of all, I hanged around the city with Laura. Roasting pine seeds in the kitchen in the morning, and having weird conversations with complete strangers in the ruin bars. Indulging in so many glorious veggie dishes that my hedonism chart must have increased by a few numbers! I still didn't visit any thermal spas that the city is famous for, but maybe the city will lure me in again someday.