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I'm Mothmouth, but you can call me Moth. I'm a 20-something northern lady clad in black, a dismal dreamer who suffers from the strange mix of melancholia, feelings of otherness and incurable optimism. I'm a conjurer of art, design and crafts, a helpless thrifting addict, book worm and player of roller derby. I'm also heavily addicted to comic books and the wilderness.

I'm drawn to all things beautiful and macabre and I enjoy both the dark and light sides in life. I feed on plants and try to avoid cruelty in all areas of my life, I also try my best to consume more ethically. In this blog you can find glimpses into my life, style and projects, I hope you enjoy your stay in the rabbit-hole!

Art / Oddities / Photography / Painting&Sketching / Comics / DIY / Designing / Sewing / Vintage / Bygone Eras / Tattoos / Live Music / Burlesque / Roller Derby / Books / Poetry / Horror Stories / Ghosts /  Supernatural / Black Clothing / Nature / Cosmology / Tarot / Anatomy / Occult / Travelling / Nihon-go / Meditation / Perfume Oils / Lipsticks / High Heels / Video Games / Silver Jewelry / Red Wine / Vegan food 


  1. Do you sell the Adam's Family nesting dolls?

    1. Both dolls that I've made are already sold, but I can make more as a custom order. :) If you're interested, email me at mothmouth.blog@gmail.com

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  3. What's your real name, Moth?

  4. Hello,
    I just went through the dress section of an 'alternative' onlineshop when I suddenly had to ask myslelf where I knew the face of that model from...recognized you by your tattoos actually, as I used to read your blog :) Pretty awesome, you look beautiful!
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Clinically depressed and killed herself? Are you c.depressed too? I am a little bit but will check out Sylvia's poetry anyway