21 December 2012

Day 21: Stars are now right!

this gorgeous artwork belongs to Florian Bertmer!

Today's calendar holds a playlist for my kind of Midwinter festivities. I have a fairly low tolerance for overly smiley Christmas carols that are sugar-coated with jingles and the plastic taste of pursuit of happiness, but these carols make it possible to enjoy those tunes too! At least if you happen to be a hardcore H.P.Lovecraft fan.;)

The songs are versions of the old classics, so happy and incredibly sinister at the same time, teeming with tentacles, ancient rites and elder gods. They manage to bring a wide smile on my face each year! Especially the Carol of the old ones, there's no Christmas without that anymore. Ia Ia, Cthulhu Fhtagn!

H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society presents: 


  1. Hah! How wonderful and jolly songs!

    My boyfriend liked these quite a lot because he is a H.P. Lovecraft fan. :)