20 December 2012

Q&A! Part Two

(FINALLY! Took me long enough :-D)

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for make-up and paintings?
Everywhere! Poems, fairytales, nature, science, stylish details, whatever moves my inspiration. Paintings are mostly originated from dreams and ideas that flash into my head, sometimes I've subconsciously used images I've already seen. Like inspiration always, they're just a reflection of things I've encountered, felt and admired.

Q: Did getting your septum pierced hurt much?
Not much, but the pinch hit the nerve and made my eyes teary.

Q: Would you like to reveal your future tattoo ideas?
Nope, they're something I keep as a secret until they come to life. 

Q: Does you boyfriend have tattoos/does he like yours?
No he doesn't have, he planned on getting some when he was younger but now he's glad he didn't. He likes tattoos a lot though, and of course he likes mine. But I wouldn't count his opinion if he didn't, it's my body and skin after all. :)

Q: Have you thought about getting more tattoos or piercings? What are your favorites from the ones you have? 
Piercings- I doubt it, but I'm going to get a lot more tattoos. I'm going to be a picture book when I'm all grown up! I've always loved tattoos, I found them fascinating in my early years and now that I can have them, I'm unlikely going to stop. I don't want a fully tattooed body, but it's going to be pretty heavily tattooed. I wish I had a regular job so that I could get them all the time, heehee.

My favourite piercing is septum, and I love all of my tattoos. But the little hidden birdie in the victorian lady's portrait is somehow special. Too cute!

Q: Do you have any more tattoos which you didn't show on your blog?
No, I have only these eleven ones at the time.

Q: Do you ever feel insecure about your body? Are there some things you'd like to change?
I guess sometimes we all have felt a bit insecure about our bodies, but my love always stops me before I start ranting and I love him for doing that. Women are way too obsessed about their looks, weight and so called flaws! It's crazy! In all that it's too easy to forget how unique and beautiful we all are. The modern ideal of how a woman should look like is altogether sick, body types are so different and we should embrace that. Health and happiness are always the most important things.

I love my body and wouldn't change anything in myself, now matter how low I might sometimes feel when my huge derby thighs don't fit into some pants. But hey, I don't even use pants! And the other side of the coin is that they're muscular and strong, so that's what I focus on. The "flaws" usually become funny and beloved details when you truly accept them. Like my tooth gap. ^.^

Q: What make-up base do you use?
Everyday Minerals/Lily Lolo mineral powders or Missha Perfect Cover BB cream+powder combo.

Q: What brand of eyelashes do you wear?
Whatever I get on my hands, but I prefer Red Cherry, Ardell and StarGazer lashes.

Q: What is your view on make-up, where's the line of having too much make-up on?
When you feel like you're carrying too much on your face and don't feel good about your reflection. The line is defined with each person themselves. :) I think dark eyes and dark lipstick go well together, though many experts disagree!

Q: Do you believe that natural beauty is THE thing?
The so called natural beauty is a paradox. I don't see that shock colours and dramatic make-up are any more superficial or fake than the stuff that "natural looking" people put on themselves. It's the same amount of hair dyes and make-up, the colours are just different. A natural looking beauty can carry much more artificiality on her than a dramatic looking one, ranging from all kinds of extensions to fake tan and plastic surgery.

It's completely another thing to look beautiful without any make-up or other chemicals, I do highly appreciate a natural beauty like that! One of my best friends doesn't wear any make-up and she is gorgeous. But I feel all women are entitled to do whatever makes them feel pretty, make up is a great way to express creativity. :)

Q: How long does it take to do your daily make-up?
About 10-15 minutes.

Q: What's your favorite beauty product?
I couldn't decide on just one, so I made a top 10 post about this! *Here*.

Q: Do you wear make-up at the graveyard?
I don't work there anymore, but I used just a hint of mascara and fixed eyebrows, sometimes liner. The dead sure didn't mind if I didn't look all fixed up. :>

Q: Is your skin naturally that pale? Do you know any treatments that can make skin more pale if it has been tanned or sun damaged?
Yes, my skin is naturally very pale. There's a lot of pallor treatment cosmetics in Asia, including BB creams, and I've heard that products that contain arbutin make your skin lighter..? Sorry, can't help more specifically since I don't have the experience.

Q: Could you put up some eye makeup tutorials please because your eye makeup is always totally perfect and I'd love to see how you manage it so nicely!
I believe the most efficient way to learn is to try and not to lean too much on tutorials. :) I could consider it, but I'm seriously not a great teacher nor a make-up guru, and there's already tons of tutorials out there. I just mix and paint my face the way I like and I recommend that!

Q: What would you do if you were walking outside and the wind started to tear your false lashes away?
At first I'd laugh at myself heartily. :D And rip them off and glue them back on when I'd get wherever I'm going. This has actually never happened!


Q: Have you always dressed in black?
The first time I really started wearing black was before junior high school, I was about 11 years old and a tiny metalhead. After that I made some punk rock experiments and before high school I went back to black. And at once I felt like I was at home again.

Q: The biggest style mistake you have ever made? 
I don't see things as mistakes, there's just been some wild experiments. I have no regrets! 

Q: Do you shop for clothes online? If so, what are your favorite online stores? 

Ebay and Etsy, great second hand and vintage finds. Those are my favorite sites!

Q: What kind of styles do you find aesthetic?
Many kinds, but usually the best ones are dark and creative. Different subcultures, high fashion, futuristic spices.. I'm into a lot of different styles! It's great to see when the style melts perfectly on the person.

Q: Don't you ever get sick of wearing black?

Q: I'd like to know when did you become gothic (is there a story behind you'd like to tell us?)
I've been inclined on the darker and more mysterious side of life ever since I was a child, but I wasn't "gothic" music and style wise before the age of 15-16. I did wear black when I was much younger, but I was more of a metalhead then. But I've always enjoyed stories of vampires, ghosts and the unknown, so it was natural for me to develop into the person I am today.

Q: Sometimes you wear military clothes with a sexy twist. Where did you get those?
Most of those are from flea-market, DIY or Lip Service (second hand) and the ones from Futurstate I bought from some goth store in Paris. But you can get those from Futurstate's website and ebay too. :)

Q: Which size of Lip Service do you wear? Bottom and top.
S-M, usually M. It depends on the collection.

Q: What are your safety clothes when you'd just like to stay and sleep but you'll have to go to some appointment?
A simple, comfy black dress, great shoes, red lipstick, possibly a little black beret and a trench coat. Fast, simple and even remotely chic.

Q: Did you had/have a fashion icon growing up/now or an icon that you admired so much?
I don't think I've ever had a fashion icon, not anyone I'd follow at least. Does Darth Vader count? ;) He does wear black! I really enjoy the work of some talented people and I deeply admire their special qualities, but I don't have idols.

Q: How do people react on the way you look? Do people approach you easily?
There are so many different reactions. Grannies and kids are usually the best ones, grannies give lovely compliments especially on vintage looks and kids like to smile and stare (or they look horrified, mwahaha). The worst commentators are usually drunkards, junkies, teenagers that move in packs and some stuck-up middle-aged housewives who don't even try to hide their fear or disgust. I just smile at them to make them feel uncomfortable about their shallow prejudices. :) It's weird to get strong feedback because I don't feel that I look so different, and I try to be as kind to people as possible.

Q: What kind of outfit would you never wear, at any price?
Genuine fur coat+Jump-in overall+ugly middle-aged lady's shoes with a kitten heel and a blunt tip or Crocs. Oh the horrorrr.

Q: What will you do if you get tanned? Could you go on a holiday in Spain?
I dreamed of this question one night! I was SUPER tanned in the dream and I thought I would scream my lungs out, but I just woke up giggling. So I'd really just take it calmly, it's not the end of the world. But I don't tan easily so I'd have to lie on the beach for a week to get some bronze on my complexion.

And I'd LOVE to go to Spain, anytime! As long as it would be a cultural trip, not some lame beach holiday.

Q: Would you dress up as dramatically if you were "uglier"? Or if black colour wouldn't suit you?
Why on earth wouldn't I..? It doesn't matter what other people think, and all people have some pretty features!


Q: Are you a vegetarian/vegan? I'd like to hear your opinions about vegetarianism and mass production.

I could write a novel of this matter, but I'm just trying to sum it all easily up here. So, YES,  I've been a veggie for over 10 years now. I emphasize on a vegan diet but I'm not a strict vegan, although I'm aiming for that. I own some leather shoes but prefer to buy them second hand. At home I make only vegan dishes and bake vegan delicacies, but at restaurants and friends' homes I easily bend to lacto vegetarian choices if I'm super hungry and there's no vegan options available.

For me vegetarianism is the only way of life that feels natural to me, I do not wish to add any more pain to this world through my actions. I am a veggie for the sake of my own mental and physical health, for ethical reasons and for the environment. Carnivorism and mass production are one of the top reasons for why this planet is crumbling down and that's a harsh fact. I don't see the difference between humans and animals and I feel that we're equally valuable. If anything, we should take responsibility for the well-being of all animals.

BUT these things are not all black and white, like both sides seem to think. Like Jonathan Safran Foer said; "I’m not better than anyone, and I’m not trying to convince people to live by my standards of what’s right. I’m trying to convince them to live by their own." Every person has their own way, and I believe everyone can make a difference! I have friends, such as my other half, who eat fish and occasionally meat too and are still strongly against fur and animal cruelty and sign petitions. It helps the animals if everyone does something. I may be an idealist on this, but I strongly believe everyone can do their part to give a better life to animals on this globe. They deserve it.

Wow, this turned out to be a mini novel after all, sorry and congrats if you read it all.

Peace ♥

Q: What kind of breakfast do you usually have?
Something like this, with different variations!: Blueberry/soy milk/maca root powder/hemp protein/coconut oil smoothie, coffee or green tea and sometimes oatmeal, fruit or bread. And even potato chips, haha. But I never eat when I get out of bed, just an hour or three later. That's why my breakfast usually consists of liquids.

Q:Your favorite food?

 At the moment everything with tofu, ginger, mushrooms, coconut milk and chili. But I guess my favorite dish is a green curry thai veggie wok with air-dried noodles, since I cook it almost every week. Thai food and oriental food in general is so goood I could die while eating it.

Q: Do you have good vegan recipes? What do you put on top of bread?
My favorite stuff on bread is an olive oil and avocado mixed paste + ruccola, basil, cucumber, black pepper and a pinch of good quality salt. Yummmmy! I have loads of simple and delicious vegan recipes in stock but I'm not sure if I'm going to post them here, after all this isn't a food blog. And I'm not such a great cook,  I usually just circle the same recipes around.

Q: What coffee/tea do you normally buy?
My love buys our coffee and I'm responsible for tea. I usually buy loads of different flavours from the Ounce, a little tea shop in Helsinki. My favorites are flavours "Romeo and Juliet" (green tea with rosebuds, too delicious) and "Alice in Wonderland" (green tea with strawberries and pink chocolate flakes). I love green tea and drink it on a daily basis!

Q: Your favorite wine?
Mmmm, I love red wine too and almost anything goes! But Douce Nature, Cycles Gladiatoire and Fairhills have stuck on my mind, all red and organic. If I'm running low on money, then I usually go with Gato Negro or El Tesoro, it depends.

Q: Give us an example of what you eat during a day?

Here's yesterday's consumption, pret-ty basic stuff:

  • a huge cup of green  tea, vitamin pills (B12, D), smoothie (soy milk/soy yogurt/blueberries/maca powder/hemp protein/raw chocolate powder/coconut oil), coffee.
  •  2 plates (lunch&dinner) of couscous, soy patties, salad (salad leaves, avocado, hemp seeds, cucumber, tomato) and olive oil. Lots of it!
  • chia seed jello, almonds, and potato chips. :D Usually I eat a lot of fruit but not yesterday, it seems.
  • during the day I drink tea, coffee, tea, tea and lots of water.


  1. It's really nice to read these posts and get to know you a bit more, especially since you're a great inspiration to me :)

    1. It's nice to hear that Jessica, thank you. :)

  2. Well, THAT was interesting!

    1. Mm-kay! The whole post or some specific detail or what? :D

  3. Täytyy kyllä ihmetellä(edellistä ja tätä postausta koskien) että ihmiset ovat oudon uteliaita (ainakin itseni mielestä) täysin käsittämättömistä jutuista! Tai miksi ihmeessä ketään kiinnostaa vaikkapa toisen kengän- tai vaatekoko :D

    1. Se on kyllä mysteeristä, mutta eipä mua tosin haitannut vastailla sellaisiin. :) Hitusen kummaa kyllä omastakin mielestä, pakko myöntää, koska mua ei ainakaan kiinnosta laisinkaan muiden ihmisten koot!

  4. Se on kyllä niiiiiin totta että monet naiset ovat liian pakkomielteisiä itsensä ja vartalonsa suhteen, ja tuhlaavat ison osan elämästään tavoittelemalla jotain aivan hullua. Arvostan tervettä asennettasi ja ylipäätään positiivisuuttasi kaiken muunkin suhteen :)

    1. Mukava kuulla, kiitoksia :) Ulkonäköpaineethan on lopulta vain harhaa muiden harhojen joukossa, on yksinkertainen mahdottomuus että kaikki ihmiset pusertuisivat samoihin kaavoihin! Lopulta millään muulla ei ole väliä kuin sillä että oppii rakastamaan itseään ja arvostamaan omaa kehoaan.

  5. Luin tuossa putkeen nuo molemmat kysymyspostauksesi, ja oli mukavaa tietää lisää elämäntyylistäsi ja periaatteistasi. Olet todella kiehtova ja positiivinen asenteesi on ihailtavaa!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I hope that you one day get to go to Kyoto and do all of the things that you dream of. <3

    1. It took me a time and a half to think whether I wanted to share so much, but I'm glad I did and that the post felt good for you guys. And thank you so much, I hope so too! <3

  7. I wear totally different clothes, have a different make-up, write a different type of blog, still I love your style no matter how different it is. Greetings from Poland.

    1. Oh thanks so much Anna! I highly appreciate different styles too. :)

  8. Funny, when I read This it felt like I already knew you! Is this some kind of soulsisterhood? BTW I bought a new waspie from Restyle, I thought of you when I first tried it on because it has a beautiful raven on it. You can see it in my blog if you want. :)

    1. That does sound slightly strange! Or maybe there's just certain things you can tell by a person's appearance and vibes, I don't know. :) The waspie looks very cool!

  9. oot kyllä niin ihana :) ite kyllä olen aika paljon kummastellut sitä, miten joskus selaillessa blogeja vastaan tulee blogi, jossa on ihan saman tyylisiä kuvia, layout, aiheita, matkakohteita, meikkaus.. jne yms. kaikkea, mitä tässäkin blogissa. en tajua miten ihmiset ei voi keksiä omia kiinnostuksen kohteita :'') taisiis eihän niitä keksitä.. mutten tajua kuinka sattumaa on tehä kaikki asiat ihan samalla tavalla kun sä.
    ps. oon hulluna rastoihin ja muistaakseni joskus sanoi että sulla sellaset oli. ois hauskaa nähä kuva tai kuvia muutenkin miten sun tyyli on kehittynyt tähän pisteeseen.
    oot ihana <3 tykkään tosi paljon septumeista ja itelläkin on.

    1. Ei se ehkä ihan sattumaa olekaan, mutta eipä sille mitään voi. :) Jatkan aivan entiseen malliin omaan tyyliini, ei haittaa yhtään jos inspiraatiota täältä hakee mutta tuntuuhan se ihan luonnollisesti kummalta kun täysin samoihin juttuihin törmää yhä uudestaan.

      Ja kiitos hirmuisesti! <3 Mulla oli tosiaan parin vuoden ajan rastat, ja yksi kuva blogista löytyykin. Mulla ei vaan ole kovin paljon kuvia teiniajoilta ja olen ajatellut ne vähätkin pitää omina muistoinani, menneisyyteenhän ne kuuluu joten tuskin eksyvät blogin puolelle.

  10. what's the date of your Birthday?

  11. You wrote the part about "natural beauty" so nicely! You can create a really dramatic look with very few products (like some powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and you're finished) and so called "nude/natural" look with endless number of products. It's a bit ridiculous sometimes :)

    I wonder, most of your readers are women, aren't they? Do you also have some loyal male admirers? There must be many of them I imagine... :)

    1. Thanks! It does feel a bit ridiculous how people comment so unpleasantly on dramatic make-up when others (natural ones) can wear just the same amount of products. Neither choice should be judged, but it's weird how dramatic make-up can cause such strong reactions on other people. :D

      I think most of my readers are female, but there must be some male readers too. Haven't really thought about it much!

  12. what do you mean with blunt tip?
    and is your boyfriend veggie too? :*