31 January 2013

Miss Windy Shop giveaway winner!

*dramatic drum roll*

..Lady Luck's favourite girl this time is P! Congrats!
You have something special waiting for you in your email box. :)

The winner was drawn by random.org (though it would've been much more fun to draw the name out of the hat, like I used to do, but there were simply too many names for that!). Thank you all so much for participating, I've really enjoyed listening to all those different love songs! I even found a couple of new favourites to spin on my playlist. ♥ 

Some of you asked about my own most beloved love song, but the truth is I don't have just one. There's a special song for every love related occasion and the whole spectrum of feelings that love creates, both tragic and heart warming. At this precise moment I'm in the mood for this song, so I'll just put it up here!:


  1. Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Hei! Voisitko koota vaikka postauksen näistä lemppari-biiseistä mitä lukijat laittoivat? Sinun suosikkisi näistä!

  3. Wow, good song choice. I love Nine Inch Nails!

  4. The Fragile is so special. TGB is an amazing song.